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  • 29 Aug 2018
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29 Aug

DIR-3 KYC – Who has to file?

As per recent announcement by MCA, any director who was allotted a DIN by or on March 31, 2018 and whose DIN is in approved status will have to submit his KYC details to the MCA by September 15, 2018. This process needs to be done annually thereafter. Further, this procedure is mandatory for Disqualified directors too.

Consequences of Non-filing of eForm DIR-3 KYC within specified due date?

In case the Directors who has a valid DIN, does not file the eForm DIR-3 KYC vy September 15, 2018 i.e. due date specified by MCA, the department will mark the DIN of such director as “Deactivated” with the reason shown as “Non-filing” of DIR-3 KYC.

After the specified due date, if director wishes to re-activate his DIN, he has to file eForm DIR-3 KYC along with a late fee of Rs. 5,000.

Essentials for filing eForm DIR-3 KYC

    i.            Must have valid Directors Identification Number (DIN)

    ii.            Must have own valid Digital Signature

    iii.            Must have unique personal Mobile Number and Email Id (For OTP Verification)

    iv.            Valid PAN Card, Adhaar Card, Driving License, Voter Id, Passport etc.

    v.            The form must be certify by practicing Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary or Cost and Management Accountant

Fees applicable for filing your DIR – 3 KYC:

There is no fee for KYC filed before the 31st August 2018 provided that he has been allotted a DIN on or before 31st March 2018, and whose DIN is in approved status.

In case a DIN has got deactivated due to non-filing of the DIR-3 form, the applicant can file the form again after the 31st August 2018 with a late fee of ₹5000.

Step by Step Guide to filing your DIR – 3 KYC

Let’s’ look at the steps involved in filing a DIR- 3 KYC:

Download the eForm DIR-3 KYC: http://www.mca.gov.in/MinistryV2/companyformsdownload.html

Process after form submission

SRN Generation

Upon the successful submission of the eForm DIR-3 KYC, a SRN will be generated for the user. This SRN will be used for future correspondence with the MCA.

Email communication

An email with the approval for the receipt of the form will be sent to the personal email ID of the applicant. 

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